01 May 2015


Let's do this again. Since I didn't do too well last month, I brought forward last month's goal and some new ones too. I hope to utilize my every single minute to slash the goals that are not time bound so that I don't have to see the Icon again next month! It's time to hustle!

This month's goals are

1. SIX PACKS - Do the 5 mins abs workout daily for 2 weeks and 10mins for the remaining 2 weeks    *thanks Blogilates
2. BLOG - 4 posts FUNKYRIFFIC and 4 posts Skolah Jahit Nawal :)
3. SWIMMING - 5 laps freestyle, 4 laps breaststroke, 2 laps backstrokes, 2 laps butterfly, 7 flip-turns, 4 laps of this new freestyle drill (3 times a week)
4. 365 days of sketching - Themes per week: In the Kitchen, Under The Bed and Flowers. Don't forget to follow my Instagram ---> nadewas with the hashtag #nawalsketch365. 
5. FUNKY WALLET -2 hours a day till completion!
6. LEARN HAIRSTYLING - Just 5 hairstyles this month towards 50 hairstyles goals. Did 10, this month 5 so 35 more styles to go!
7. 100 PROJECT THREADBANGER - Do 10 projects this month :)
8. FASHION LABEL - Sketch some Eid outfit.
9. DO PHOTOGRAPHY - Practice the tips from the ABM photo ideas book
10. MEMORIZE THE YAASIN - 13 verses to memorize this month.

I think I should set up the reward system to get these goals going! What do you think? What are you going to do this month? Would love to hear from you guys!! Love, **nawal**

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