19 January 2013


Wouldn't it be awesome if you can sew your own clothes?? New trends, old trends whatever style just name it.

"Honey, I have a hole in my pants", says husband. Now..wouldn't it be cool if you come to the rescue..?? ..... with a thread and needle of course.

Ooohhh no! Nawal Junior peed on his bed again!..No problem.. I've sewn a lot of bed sheets just in case :) (perfect timing!)

I would love to share with all of you this passion of mine called..sewing. I would never ..EVER thought that I would enjoy sewing until I actually immersed myself in it and so to kick start this newly found passion, I'm opening up a new blog called Skolah Jahit Nawal which means Nawal's Sewing School in Bahasa Malaysia. Behold...my online sewing school!

Insyaallah I will teach from the basics till you can produce your own garment. One thing though, this site will be conducted in Malay language with occasional English by the side but I hope my videos can be understood by those who don't speak the language :) Not to worry, the English version of the tutorial will be put up at FUNKYRIFFIC.COM! YEAY!

So guys! Please like Skolah Jahit Nawal's Facebook page for more up to date tips and videos :)
Till next time.
Snip snip. **nawal**

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