04 September 2012


Choosing a theme is fun. You can choose from a garden theme by the beach to a Star Trek alien wedding for all you know. Perhaps you can choose a combination of 2 or 3 colors but then maybe you want to mix up all the colors in the world and go all crazy! Well, up to you because... IT'S YOUR WEDDING!

It is now or never and so, I chose doing all things RAINBOW!! My next challenge is to create an atmosphere with explosions of rainbow color. Hall decor, wedding favors, food, entrance decor, backdrop and a lot more. That's a lot to think off. Putting that aside, let see what I have gathered at my Pinterest so far.

Source: ontobaby.com via Nawal on Pinterest

Source: tulipina.com via Nawal on Pinterest

Source: brides.com via Nawal on Pinterest

Looking at all these pictures got me inspired already! These are just among other things out of million other ideas to FUNKIFY my wedding. For an updated version of my DIY Wedding inspiration, clickEnjoy my pins and do have fun gathering some inspirations too.


  1. I absolutely love an idea... nowadays everything is in colors, why it couldn't be even a wedding rainbow theme?? although, you have a loooooot to think about n make up ;)

    1. lol! exactly! a lot to think of indeed. Therefore once we have chosen a theme, stick to it and follow through. it need not be extravagant, simple, low scale, quirky would do. As for make up..i agree..a bit challenging with the rainbow theme going on but I'll settle for a soft look, not too much on the face but more details at the clothing. As long as it compliments your outfit then you're fine :)


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