18 October 2011


It would probably be the most annoying cat in the world. I had no idea what was NYAN CAT,  its purpose of existence, what does it do and all these questions kept on clouding my dumbfounded brain. How did this infamous cat becomes ever so popular? (40 million hit on YouTube!) It just sing NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN..exude rainbow fumes and look yummy (POP TART!) SOOOO ANNOYING yet you are SOOO ADORABLE and you just inspired me to revamp this old box I have at home :) Well Done NYAN CAT! Keep on ruling the cyberspace!

So that's it peeps! Make your own version of Nyan Cat merchandise. I'm dead sure it'll be awesome!
Do link back if you do make one ya! I wanna see them!**nawal**


  1. Hi Nawal,thanks for dropping by my blog, glad to discover your really cool funky blog too! Awesome box here, fantastic paint work and papier mache cat :)

  2. awwwww..ur most welcome and thank you for visiting my blog :) the box was really fun to do! can't wait to create more projects :)

  3. thank you Farah! Appreciate it :)

  4. in the end, i found you. before this zcat gave me the link to ypur previous blog. so inspired!


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