25 January 2010


Yes. I had a chat with Zawawi, from MSN (National Sports Council). I told him that one of my goals this year is to have a 6 pack Abs! He didn't laughed. Instead... he was choked!

"That's gonna be hard man", he added. "How hard can it be", asked the optimistic Nawal. "Well, lemme put it this way, there's no way a woman can have 6 pack abs without losing her breast. Basically, the breasts are 2 lumps of fat. If you start losing weight and develop them into muscle....your breast will not be excluded", he said. I was shocked and definitely didn't know back then (at the same time guarding my chest with my bare hands). He continued.. " Normally, the ones that u watched on TV are mostly steroid injected abs. Look at the boobs..they're intact (or perhaps Siliconed)"

After the long explanation by Zawawi, Have I thought twice of getting the long dreamt washed 6 pack Abs?? Hell no! I won't give up this dream!


There's always push-up Bras.**nawal**


  1. Nawal, you want my honest opinion? He is right. U saw me back in uni. U should know. I was a testimony to that statement. Hell, I worked really hard to have a very toned body and that's a lot of work. If you care to do those kind of workouts we athletes do - u've seen how we sweat it out and toiled - I'm sure you'll get that 6 pack. But you have to be patient. It doesn't happen in a year(unless u diet unreasonably and try to kill yourself on the threadmill without proper training and forgetting to do some strength training). But do it, u must. first u gotta do a lot of cardio to shed the fat. then once u've done a certain amount of cardio and shed a certain amount of fat, then move on to more strength training.If you're in Penang, do drop by the stadium to ask for tips from my Coach Fahlawi. He'd be glad to assist. cheers dear and reach for your goals!live your dream!

  2. nawal

    tak yah la 6 pack abs..tak menarik tau pompuan mcm tu...just keep fit n nampak ramping n in good shapes pon dah ok...

    kalu laki mcm I ni ok lah...hahahaha..sempat lagi tu

    one thing u shud know

    U R HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

  3. Save that breast !


  4. aha...nawal 6 packs eh
    not hot...for a girl

    just keep ur body tone and in great shape
    all the time
    drink more water...
    get rid of ur fat
    do more cardio...and
    maybe do weight..once in a while
    and...watch ur diet
    enough sleep

  5. i found this blog when im writing on my thesis...hello nawal..hey,to tell the truth, i am also WANT a 6 pax but my friends told me that is sooo impossible because i got a breast..sharing a same condition n problems rite?hahahaha

    well,i love myself....just adore the 6 paxs....haha...

  6. hi ya shafeeqa! well, it's not impossible but it's rather difficult. It'll be fun at least once in your lifetime to actually OWN a 6 pack abs!don't you think so. I would still go for it. personal satisfaction i suppose. you too! have it a go!


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