02 December 2009


Hallllu peeps! how ya doin'? I know I have not been writing a lot lately. Just got well from CHOLERA! I'm much better now. Anyways..loads have been going on and besides self transformation I did a little of furniture revamp last week. I've always wanted a long table for my new 4 tone green bedroom cum studio. Here goes :

1. The un-interesting exterior part 2.The spacious interior somewhat didn't serve as an optimum storage place. Yeah..it's huge alright3.The top part of the cupboard. OOGGLY! I can't use it as a table with the uneven surface. ;-(  4. This part is the inner part of the cupboard's door. Notice what I've written..You see this cupboard was used to store all my comics and magazines and those who wanted to read requires a permission from me..otherwise..OFF WITH HIS HEAD!! 5. Nadiah and Amani just having fun! Notice how HUGGEEE the cupboard was

And so.. I wanted a table really bad. I wanted a long table therefore this cupboard is a great project! cost effective and also being one of a kind. If you could see, there are 4 doors (openings) to this furniture. I wanted to reduce it to 2 and install a partition inside so that I could have more storage! ;-)

I painted it Royal Yellow as to compliment the washed walls. Notice the partition inside the Mejri?? yeap..now i can store more stuff! The thick glass will be used to cover the uneven bit of the surface so that It becomes flat. Remember the uneven bit of the table?? I put fake flowers of pink and purple hues to create a contrast to the whole yellow setup. The position of the flowers need not to be perfect. Art is a bunch of imperfections stick together to be admired at and likewise. When I'm bored with the flowers, I can simply take it out and replace with another setup ;-) that easy!

Try and revamp something old from your house. That'll sure be interesting to see! :) yippee! i'm happy with the outcome :) pheewhhh!**nawal**


  1. Awww.. thank you Serena!! It means a lot to me!

  2. wah great innovation....cool huh!!!!

    so jelous of u la nawal....lots of idea....hehehe

    i'm just loving it the way u put the fake flower...

    too creative....

  3. OMG Nawal..... you are one creative girl... its just you doing all this right brain activity. ever since our young cycling and sleep over years you memang always have art all around you... great invention : )

  4. ADI!! thanks so much for your comments! anda telah membuat saya kembang ni!! hehe..Insyaallah there will be more creations coming soon.

    MAYA!!! I MISSED YOU!!! thank you for viewing my humble blog! I really appreciate your comments. thanks for your support!!


  5. That is so UK train ticket!!
    Nawaru-chan, datang sini tak bagitau.
    Otherwise I'll go and meet you maaa.

  6. kak nawal! kretif nyer ! ! ! ;D

  7. wow nawal...the table was fabulous...
    and to quote KLS...its all about fabulousity...hehehehe

  8. hehe akmal! many thanks!!

  9. OMG nawal. you're genius. got name for ya. MISS CARPENTER! how's that. LOL

  10. KEROL! thanks for your comments! Appreciate it bro!

  11. The Translation from Malay to English.
    MEJA (may-jar) - TABLE
    ALMARI (uhl-mah-ree) - CUPBOARD / CLOSET


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