09 July 2007


I've always wanted to have my very own sanctuary.
You see, I've been sharing a room with my sis since i was born! Staying in mamatok's house, we are like the Neanderthals ; always on the go. So far i can remember, we have moved to different rooms (due to the renovation; studying in USM and such). Now..we have our very own crib at our backyard. WELCOME TO NO:10, BELAKANG RUMAH MAMATOK KG. TUNKU. **Mamatok by the way is my beloved grandmother.

Although I have settled in the 'now renovated former housemaid room at our backyard', i'm still sharing the room with my sister, Allia who is currently pursuing her degree in Forensic science in USM.

KONGSI LAGI!! yeah.. I know sharing is caring..but when u look at my stuff..it's not only a room that I need but the whole HOUSE just for me! ha ha selfish seyh!Well..beggars can't be choosers and so, i make use of the space and transform it into my very own small sanctuary. It is still under construction tho. I have recycled and used the unwanted furniture at home.**nawal**


  1. i want room like u..can?u be my designer

  2. ala bonzy u lagi terror dari i apa!..boleh boleh.. i would be happy to be ur designer!

  3. bilik tidur ke bilik bedah ni...hahaha!!! taruk lampu disko pasti hap'pening'!!!

    ps: jeles btol..aku tidur depan TV jer!!

  4. nampok gaye cam gerai jual beg kat Central Market jer.. siap design ala2 Tropicana wooh.. hi~~~~jaaaaaaaaaaao.. kekekekkee..

    Anyway, nice effort, drp mung g perm and steam and die and cut and lengthen and straighten and curl and volumize etc etc rambut u.. yo dok?


    Abe Spider
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